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Normality & Coordination Problems

Friday, December 19th 2014

I stopped drinking milk because it reduced my asthma and helped with hay fever. Cheese and yoghurt followed. Then I stopped eating meat because I read about the health effects of meat eating. I wanted to see how I felt if I didn't eat it. I gave up alcohol, drugs, coffee, chocolate, and tea as well. That was in 1991-1992 or so.

Do I sound a bit annoying, pretentious or self-righteous to you? Perhaps I do! :-)

(I'll explain later.)

Later on I heard about the word "vegan". The people who called themselves vegan often ethical or environmental concerns that dictated their eating habits. It was about more than a dietary preference.

I just happened to fit into the category "vegan". My choices were out of boring old self-interest and vanity, I think. Morality, the environment, subcultural stuff, etc, didn't seem to come into it. It was based on following intuitions about how I felt physically and some research into diet.

(I'd rather not have to eat at all! It seems so inefficient. But I'm not a fan of muscles and bones, either. Or brains. This particular line of thinking ends up in a void. Eliminating all technical problems with existence invariably means eliminating existence altogether! :-) )

For a good 20 years -- more than half my life -- I have avoided the topic of diet altogether.

  1. I'm afraid some people might think I'm being self-righteous -- that my choices are an implicit criticism of their choices. (Not at all!) I want to avoid making people feel uncomfortable in that regard.

  2. The next thing I'm avoiding is boredom -- I risk hearing a spiel about "how do you get enough calcium" or "what about vitamin B" or "how do you get enough protein". Some may be perfectly legitimate queries, of course. Answering them just gets tedious sometimes.

  3. And finally, there's the mockery. Which can be hilarious. But to avoid tedium the mockery has to be novel. (I have usually heard it all before.) You'd have to trundle into new, psychedelic territory to find new ways to mock me for being a "hipster", "hippy" or whatever it is.

For many years I found it better to avoid the topic of diet. Keep things normal.

So now I sound a little defensive, self-absorbed as well as annoying, pretentious and self-righteous! :-)

So how does this relate to coordination problems?

Solly Quonge

Thursday, December 18th 2014

Solly Quonge

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