Revisting the Zombie Loop, Fractal Thinking - Deja You

Wednesday, August 4th 2010

Deja Vu is a strange experience. It also tells us something very interesting about basis for existence.

The Illusion of Merit

Tuesday, August 3rd 2010

Muller-Lyer illusion

Does the left-hand line looks longer than the one on the right? Actually, the two lines are the same length. It's the famous Muller-Lyer illusion. You've probably seen it before.

The objective measurement - in centimetres - tells you one thing. Experience - what you see - tells you something else. This illusion is easily resolved. You get out a ruler!

Other illusions are more controversial.

Smiling Podling with Beauty Spot

Monday, August 2nd 2010

Smiling Podling

Skolgar the Erenoid

Sunday, August 1st 2010

Skolgar the Erenoid!

Artistic Angst

Saturday, July 31st 2010

The degree to which your critical faculty exceeds your ability determines your level of artistic angst.

Are We All Acting? Social Connection Discombobulations

Friday, July 30th 2010

Bad conversations are awful. Trying to make conversation with someone who just doesn't seem to respond. To your glorious humour, splendid attempts to provoke interest and so on. No doubt your interlocutor is also finding you a tough audience.

People emerge from these boring conversations enervated and disconnected ...

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