The Missing Mug Effect

Monday, August 23rd 2010

I was told a story a few days ago.

The Enlightenment of Leonard Fisk

Sunday, August 22nd 2010

And in the Beginning…

The $5.95 Lunch Special & the Dodgy Mental Work-Arounds

Friday, August 20th 2010

I know a chap who delights in going to a fastfood outlet and asking for a special offer. It involves a "free" piece of cake (or a biscuit).

With an evil glint in his eye, he wanders in at lunch time.

Amoeba Porn!

Thursday, August 19th 2010

Ooooh - look at those cells dividing! Oooeer!

amoeba porn!

Knights Versus Cops!

Wednesday, August 18th 2010

Clank, clank, the Knights advanced on the group of Cops huddled behind the police car.

"Stop!" shouted a cop.


Tuesday, August 17th 2010

Don't overcook inspiration. It smells acrid and metallic and leads the mental indigestion and creative flatulence.

(Not that creative flatulence can't be amusing)

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