Oskmalian Closk

Friday, October 29th 2010


Relentless God of the Time Warpers. Known in this dimension as Vartokil.

Entroogulus Treel

Thursday, October 28th 2010

It was a cold night. The moon was too scared to come out.

You could hear the buzz-and-click of some insects. Flies darted around.

He tensed.

He saw the beast approaching.

It was a large, lumbering thing. Lolloping, clumping, holloping and howling.

His left eye twitched slightly. He clasped his ancient orb of beast taming.

If he failed to tame the Entroogulus Treel all would be lost. He wouldn't get a second chance.

Entroogulus Treel


Wednesday, October 27th 2010



Tuesday, October 26th 2010


The Golden Rule of the Test

Monday, October 25th 2010

Let's say you write a test of some kind. It could be generic - a test of intelligence - or quite specific - a test for a particular skill.

A test for a particular skill is something you can test. To some degree at least. In the sense that you can test how well a person matches your own skill. After all, how do you test for something you don't know about or don't understand?

What you are always testing is how a person's nature corresponds to your own. If you are highly verbal, you will test for verbal skills (whether you realise it or not), if you are highly spatial or mathematical, then you will test for that. Highly musical, you'll test for that. And so on. A test reflects the tester, if you will. A test result reflects how similar the testee is to the tester.

The more a person deviates from the tester's nature, the more likely it is he will fail the test.

In this way tests can exclude people who deviate from the way the tester thinks.

Tests don't always take the sit-in-a-room-for-an-hour-and-answer-questions form. In fact, most tests don't. Informal social testing takes place all the time.

The social test - "will this person fit in, will I want to know them?", the job interview, the romantic test, and so on. Tests take varied and subtle forms. But the golden rule nearly always applies:

"With every test, what you are always testing is how a person's nature corresponds to your own."

Ortok Yortok

Saturday, October 23rd 2010

Ortok Yortok!

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