You're Wrong! I'm Right!

Thursday, November 4th 2010

Imagine two people arguing ...

Top 7 Most Dangerous Creatures on Earth

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

  1. Sharpened Dolphin
  2. Beaked Sword Goat
  3. Lesser Flailing Rontonkulus
  4. Borgarth the Arch-Poodle
  5. Ectnian Gouge-Fish
  6. The Sea-Going Wretched Alabastoid Variant
  7. The Bloated Nodge-Weasel

Lepragoblin Pirate

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

Lepragoblin Pirate!

Robo Thespian Eaglehead

Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

Robo Thespian Eaglehead

Ego Simulations

Monday, November 1st 2010

What if you could remember everything you ever experienced? Whenever you needed to? With complete clarity? Wouldn't it be great!

"Okay, brain, I wish to remember this: 1298790274392472394723 9472394792347 9234792349 2347234." Or you could recall any image you've ever seen - such as any page in any book you've read? Any web page? Upon command?

Instead of spending twenty minutes with a friend trying to remember that actor who was in that film, you know the one, with the building in it, and that dog, and they all go to the seaside and ...

... you could recall everything with perfect clarity? But you could appraise the new experience with complete clarity?

What if, instead of unconscious habit, we had a much more powerful brain capable of giving deep thought to everything we did all the time? Without having to go to sleep every 16 hours or so and take mental shortcuts?

Science of the Soul

Saturday, October 30th 2010

This means nothing:

Htdhhtd hshdhk shdsui sdooosdsd og.

This means slightly more than nothing:

HGsdusidsdjh hawk sadjljjljsld aliens.

This means something:

Reptilian hawk aliens are on the lawn.

The aliens are not, of course, reptillian, or birds of prey, they are aliens. But

"they are like ..."

Most language and abstraction is based around drawing parallels, making analogies, and conjuring up metaphors or similes.

But sometimes you have experiences that are more like this:

Htdhhtd hshdhk shdsui sdooosdsd og.

They don't really fit into the ideas we are equipped with. They don't really link to anything.

Then what?

We tend to make them fit.

We have a tendency to understand things we don't understand in terms we do understand.

Regardless of whether it makes sense to do so.

We also have a tendency to fill in the unknown with the known. I've written a little a about this already.

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