Relentless Nought

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

Relentless Nought

Nenmenko Plutheridd

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

Nenmenko Plutheridd

Virtual Currencies for the Post Human Economy

Monday, April 18th 2011

Bitcoins are a nascent alternative to the dollars, euros, etc, that we have now.

Generate coins!


Saturday, April 16th 2011



Friday, April 15th 2011


Schedulorian Plannist Time Bureaucrat Versus Self Orbiting Temperamental Artiste

Thursday, April 14th 2011

How does this sentence make you feel?

The deadline is looming. We will need work quickly to the agreed schedule so we can make the most of the available time. This needs to be done.

To some, this sentence is very vague.

Why? What? Why the panic? The schedule made no sense ...

"The deadline ..."

... the word are also noisy with stress and passive aggression.

For some, this sort of talk generates a sense of impending doom. It saps the joy from what they're doing. At its worst, it causes panic. They end up paralysed by the schedule, the structure, the deadlines, the TODO lists, etc.

They lose all their playfulness and spontaneity. That means they lose their creativity. And without that they lose a great deal of the joy they have in life.

They're left with The Grind.

But often adhering to the schedule, to TODO lists, etc, has to do with their meal ticket, their moolah. That, or they are made to feel bad if they don't adhere to the schedule. Or both! So they feel compelled, bullied.

Is that how schedules and regimentation roughly make you feel?

Then you are a ...

  • Self Orbiting Temperamental Artiste.

Then again, that sort of deadline, scheduley talk may seem perfectly reasonable to you, give or take.

"It's on the only way to get things done," you might say.

Quite. You may find even find it annoying that other people hate that sort of talk so much. Their hatred of schedules and (often) other structure seems like self-indulgence. Flakiness. Impracticality.

"Be reasonable," you might say. "How else do we get things done? Any suggestions?"

And there are never any suggestions! It's all up to you!

If that sounds more like you, you are a:

  • Schedulorian Plannist Time Bureaucrat.

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