Slaves of the Skeuomorphs!

Saturday, August 13th 2011

When people look at technology, it is often with older technology in mind.

"What's a aeroplane?"
"It is like a ship in the sky!"

Indeed, new technology often retains things from older technology. Even though it doesn't need to. "eBooks" that pretend to look like books. Fake wood floors. Pillars on the outside of concrete buildings. There's even a word for these ornamental elements: skeuomorphs. Skeuomorphs make new things feel less alien by adding a touch of the familiar.

Predictions and Ignoring the Future

Friday, August 12th 2011

Assessing the accuracy of a prediction. Not easy. You look backwards. You can say: "aha, well that didn't turn out to be true". "Wow! Yes it did!". Or "hmm, 50-50".

But what about the future? Could the prediction still turn out to be true?

Sometimes a prediction is cloaked in apparent naivety. Quaint language. Off-kilter specifics. But what's the essence of the prediction? Perhaps it still has merit? The only way to tell is to ponder the future yourself. Many people ignore the future when it comes to judging predictions from the past.

Snowgod the Supreme Yetilor

Thursday, August 11th 2011

Snowgod the Supreme Yetilor

Smuglor McSmug of Noble Bearing

Wednesday, August 10th 2011

Smuglor McSmug of Noble Bearing

Quote of the day

Tuesday, August 9th 2011

"Why do I get the feeling I'm chewing on shitloaf?"

Emissaries of the Arcadian

Monday, August 8th 2011

Emissaries of the Arcadian

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