Useful Quotes to Use in Everyday Conversation II

Saturday, November 26th 2011

When someone thinks you have done a bad job:

"I can't expect you to see the big picture. In the eyes of History it will be said that my peers misunderstood the world shaking arc of my genius."

In the event of someone remarking that you are not dressed well:

"Why work when you don't have to? I find my raw magnetic sexual energy field does the trick."

When someone praises something you have done:

"I applaud your brain for having the wit to be awe-struck."

Toast & Robots: The IP Proxy War and the Robot's Rebellion

Friday, November 25th 2011

Thomas Thwaites had a fun idea. It was inspired by Douglas Adams.

"Left to his own devices he couldn’t build a toaster. He could just about make a sandwich and that was it." - Mostly Harmless, Douglas Adams, 1992.

Thomas was going to build a toaster from scratch. Mine his own ore. Smelt his own metal. Make his own plastics. Make his own heating element. (You get the idea.)

It wasn't easy! The result? Not very good:

Molten toaster!

So are toasters ridiculous? It depends on the scale at which you look. Looking close up, a desire (for toast) and the fulfilment of that desire is totally reasonable. Perhaps the majority of human activity can be reduced to a desire to make life more comfortable for ourselves, and has thus far led to being able to buy a toaster for £3.99 [among other achievements].

But so, too, is the massive industrial activity in the pursuit of additional modicums of comfort at lower prices – small trifles, like an evenly crispy piece of toast, that we quickly become accustomed to. The laboriousness of producing even the most basic material from the ground up exposes the fallacies in the romantic ideal of a return to a pre-industrialised time. But at a moment in time when the effects of industry are no longer trivial in relation to the wider environment, the throwaway toasters of today seem culturally unreasonable’.

[But] I think our position is ambiguous - the scale of industry involved in making a toaster [...] is ridiculous but at the same time the chain of discoveries and small technological developments that occurred along the way make it entirely reasonable.

Read more here and here

What lies behind nearly every consumer item of any sophistication? Monumental organisational complexity. The sort that humbles men and boggles minds.

And, will eventually, replace minds. Let me explain.


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