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Saturday, April 7th 2012

Following on from What They Really Think, I think one of the great walls around communication is the phenomena some people call Management Speak.

Management Speak is something most people scoff at. Even the people fluent in it cringe at it excesses. It is turgid. It's verbose. And it usually says very little in long, complex, grammatically incorrect sentences. Sentences filled with tortured metaphors and strange pseudo-scientific neologisms that vaguely reminiscent of something that used to mean something once. A long time ago.

What They Really Think

Friday, April 6th 2012

One of the problems with humans is that people tend to withhold information from other people if they think the person won't react well to it. Even if the information is true.

Humans don't tell each other what they are really thinking to avoid the social and emotional repercussions. There are good biological reasons for this: mirror neurons, visceral fear of being ostracised, and so on.

Perhaps this is useful? Or perhaps it is a basic flaw in the way we behave.

The overall effect is most people are blissfully unaware of what other people really think of them. So it is harder for them to understand themselves.

Me, for example: I have no idea. No-one will tell me what they really think. :-)

This sort of behaviour is also used as a way of controlling people. In politics, secrecy, loyalty and conspiracy and vital ingredients to manipulating systems of power.

In business it is vital to protect business interests.

I wonder if a lot of peoples' distaste for business and politics stems from the fact that they are built on a fundamental flaw in human thinking?

They are, essentially, inefficient?

The wrong message?

Thursday, April 5th 2012

I was discussing drug prohibition a few days ago. My view is that we should stop putting people in jail for harming themselves.

I trotted out all the usual arguments:

  • yes, drugs are stupid; but plenty of stupid drugs are legal - drugging kids to boost profits of Big Pharma, alcohol, tobacco, etc;
  • drug prohibition boosts the profits of organised crime;
  • kills people by leaving drug manufacturing to criminals;
  • increases crime by increasing the price of drugs so that people have to steal to support their habits;
  • props up the bikie gangs, mafiosi, Taliban, Mexican drug cartels, and so on;
  • criminalises self-harm, often making the punishment worse than the self-harm itself.
  • etc

To which the response was: legalising drugs "sends the wrong message".

Sends the wrong message? What message do you want to send?

  • we want to boost the profits of organised crime;
  • allow amateurs and criminals to produce drugs;
  • increase crime?
  • prop up bikie gangs, mafiosi, Taliban, Mexican drug cartels, and so on?
  • criminalise self-harm?

Yes, if you put it ads for heroin in primary schools that would be the wrong message.

Comic Sans

Wednesday, April 4th 2012

I was pondering the hatred out there for the Comic Sans font.

To which a friend, Emlyn, said:

"Somewhere, in a ditch, comics sans can be found. It has been beaten to death by Macbooks."

Too hilarious to leave unquoted!

To which I say:

Save Comic Sans

A world wide campaign to save the venerable font from the assault of grey tastefulness that has descended on the internet :-).

Lights Out

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

It seems that the supply chain for a lot of goods is becoming more automated.

First we have increasing automation mining and resource extraction.

For example, Rio Tinto and BHP are rolling out automated trucks. No driver required. Automated mining equipment. Self driving combine harvesters. And so on.

Khemical Alien

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Khemical Alien

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