Friday, May 25th 2012

All there was left was sound of lonesome seagulls, a crazy man shouting into a bucket and the acrid stench of smouldering tumbleweed.


Thursday, May 24th 2012

Some people want to build empires. Empires take many forms; fame, accumulation of land, political influence, reputation for X or Y or Z, etc.

Why do people want to build empires? To win? To succeed? Command others? The explanations are usually greed, self-interest, ambition ... perhaps even just creativity. Perhaps it stems from needing to prove oneself to a unloving parent, or to triumph over bullies from one's youth. Perhaps its the urge to change the way the world works.

Whatever it is, I think the explanation is simpler and more generic than that. The urge to build an empire is almost always an attempt to cheat death, seek love and avoid thinking.

  • You cheat death by creating a work beyond yourself.
  • You seek love by creating an entity external to yourself you can love.
  • You avoid thinking by getting involved entirely in the process of creating an external, imaginary thing.


Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

Beige-lor, Lord Demon of the 9 Dimensions of Ikea. Master of the 9 Bedroom Arrangements. Kings of Cunning New Ways to Store Bowls. Keeper of the 12 eternal light fittings. Commander of the Bar Codes.

The Weird World of Metametathinking

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Metathinking is thinking in levels of abstraction up from real-world sense phenomena.

So, for instance, seeing a tree is direct thinking. You link the idea directly to the sense phenomena.

Your mental reaction to it - "it's a tree", memories about similar trees, etc, are up one level of abstraction.

Then there is the next level - perhaps the type of tree, its genus, or some other abstract reaction.

It could be verbal, a categorisation, or it could be poetic, musical, or whatever.

In any case, you are moving up levels of abstraction.

And so it goes into, say, observations about mathematical patterns in the bark, or pondering how much carbon it absorbs, and so on.

This is great and useful. But!


Monday, May 21st 2012

Justice is for the weak, vengeance is for the strong.

Dancing leprechauns are for the spectacular.


Saturday, May 19th 2012


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