Abstract Emotions

Friday, August 3rd 2012

Many intellectual associative patterns can seem distinct if they are analysed in a semantic or intellectual way. But emotions seem to operate above more concrete, communicable rational thought like that.

Once you observe the emotions and emotional memories common to them, the rationalisation is seen for what it is - an internal narrative, problem solving, determining the next action stimulated into action by an emotive response to stimuli.

The emotions are actually abstractions at a higher level than what we see as traditional abstraction. "Higher level" in the sense they link together - and are common to - apparently diverse thought processes. They can also form part of non-intellectual a set of associations. I suppose some people would call it emotional intelligence.

In another way, all of these things sit on top of memory, some of which take a more abstract form through repetitious use (words, for instance). But the recognition that unlabelled emotions form their own associations just like other forms of thought is a very interesting thing indeed.

Thursday Tunes!

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Lefty Frizzell - Cigarettes and Coffee Blues:

Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & Eric Clapton Matchbox Blues Live On The Johnny Cash Show, 1970

I've posted this before, but the solo is so good I'm posting it again. And Carl, of course, is a genius. Mean Woman Blues:

Eddie Cochran, legend, doing the classic Summertime Blues:

The Future of Violence?

Wednesday, August 1st 2012

The problem of the State is not the State. It's not repression. It's not money. It's not greed. Its not even bureaucracy.

The problem is violence. And what to do about thugs.

The State is an attempt to deal with the problem of violence by being the most powerful thug in town. Not ideal :-). The illusion of the separation of government from business or tribalism in this regard is desultory to say the least.

But money, private property, the law, they are also alternatives to more primitive forms of negotiation and resource allocation (usually involving shouting and axes). In this sense, they arean alternative to inefficient violence. But there is violence inherent in that system of organisation. It is just more efficient and less costly.

Just as things have improves from warlords and the exercise of completely arbitrary power of more primitive times, things will get better from here, too.


Tuesday, July 31st 2012

The reductionist mindset removes apparently irrelevant complexity. By reducing its field of view, it excludes the things that would make it question its own prejudices.

The world becomes what the reductionist imagines.

Doing Nothing

Monday, July 30th 2012

Like most people who could do anything, he did nothing at all.


see also:

Intellectual Toasters

Saturday, July 28th 2012

It follows that of machines get their "intelligence" from the network, some machines will be as intelligent as the entire network. (Assuming connecting to the network is pretty cheap).

Displays will be as intelligent as shoes. Toasters will be intelligent. And fridges. They will all connect the same intelligence.

Assuming technology uses avatars to humanise the expression to that intelligence: e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Winton Churchill, etc, every machine will have a very clever avatar associated with it.

Winston Churchill telling you you're out of eggs and Marilyn Monroe adjusting the shower temperature will be a funny side effect.


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