Annihilation Cult!

Friday, March 22nd 2013

The legendary Jeff Waters and the mighty Annhilator!

The Blackest Day

Operation: Annhilation

I am in Command:

The Cult, Sun King live, 1989:

The Cult, Wildflower, 2012:

The Celebration of Suffering & Labour Saving Technology

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Is suffering a Good Thing?

The answer seems obvious:


But ...

The Algorithmic Police State and the Techno-Anarchists

Wednesday, March 20th 2013

To my surprise, Big Brother appeared on a telescreen at work.

Big Brother

... he loomed large over me and my fellow proles.

Well, not quite.

We recently started working with a chap who lives in Melbourne. We set up a big screen, a camera and a condenser mic. Now he appears on the big screen every so often and has conversations with us. It's kinda cool - he can drop into the office virtually.

He's also got a great sense of fun. Early into the experiment, he laughingly held up the classic picture of Big Brother.

So we have set up out own little surveillance system. Seems fun and harmless.

Cossacks & the Magical Goose

Tuesday, March 19th 2013

Quote of the day, courtesy of Nick:

"We are like a bunch of brain damaged cossacks trying to find a magical goose."

Keep Your Hands on the Crazy Fat Bottoms!

Monday, March 18th 2013

Georgia Satellites, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, live:

Queen Fat Bottomed Girls at the Bowl:

Crazy Little Thing Called Love:


Monday, March 18th 2013

A useful phrase I used today:

"I don't know, but I think the whole endeavour is soaked in clown sauce."

Quite what it means, I'm not sure!

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