Mood Filters

Friday, July 23rd 2010

I have noticed that there is tendency to project into the future whatever your feeling is at any given moment. So if you're feeling tired, the future seems tiring and grind-like. How will I do it all! Argh! If you're happy, the future seems full of hope. If you're disappointed the future looks likely to disappoint.

A tired person asks questions, but because they're tired they skew the answers in the tired direction.

This filters your view of the world. You'll see the world through your moods.

So the thing is, remember you have moods and know when to stop thinking!

So far so obvious ...

Mood Momentum

But when you recall memories you also recall the emotions associated with those memories. Indeed, they are the much the same thing. And when you experience something new, you also react to it with your emotions from the past. You recall a mood. And then filter reality through that mood. In this way the moods of the past impose themselves on the present and your projections into the future.

Moods develop a momentum of their own. And because they alter how people react to you and the way you behave, they impose themselves on reality too. Mood Momentum develops.

I suppose this is what people mean by being "rational" - to try and think independently of moods. But I don't think this is possible. The illusion of rationality is that thoughts are independent of emotions - poppycock!

Better to learn how to recall positive moods to improve one's thinking. Or, when you are tired, remember you have the tried "mood filter" on.

In the same way you manipulate words or abstract ideas, you can also - to some extent - become aware of and manipulate what emotions you recall. In this way you start to impose your intelligence on your moods.

Current Mood Dictates What Memories You Recall?

This is where it gets interesting. I think all moods run out of energy. You have a "puff" rating for how much physical energy you have. As you use it up you move into the "tired" mood. You can recall the same memories and see them differently - or maybe recall different memories based on different moods? React differently to same stimuli?

So awareness of current mood, awareness of the moods from the past ...

argh! This is sounding complex and annoying.

I am no longer in the mood to write this :-).