King Jim the New Age

Friday, November 12th 2010

'Peasants,' intoned King Jim.

He raised a magisterial hand to quieten the crowd.

The peasants slowly quitened.

'The Royal Edict on Turnip reform was not enough,' the King said. 'We must do more.'

There was silence.

'Well,' said the King. 'Thankyou for your support.'


'Your majesty,' cried a woman in the crowd. 'Does this mean more turnips?'

'Freedom!' said the King.

King Jim paused. The woman looked at him. He looked at her.

The King posed with his arms out. He lifted one leg.

'Each of you is a tree of life,' he said. 'The earth, the wind, the sun, the pain - all of it is yours. Feel the sap flow. Be one with your root system. I .. am ... the Tree.'

The King hugged some people with great enthusiasm.

Some of the peasants began to awkwardly hug each other, too.

The woman was bemused.

'O King ...' she began.

The King looked over at her in mid-hug.

'You look unfulfilled,' he said. 'Come - take this journey with us. Join this great emotional landscape. Become the tree.'

The King stood on one leg again. We waved his arm slightly.

'Let the wind course through your boughs,' he said.