Gnome Quest 1

Tuesday, June 26th 2012

It was night. This part of the city was dodgy. It was if a giant golem made of rubbish had had a battle with a creature made of old boxes and exhaust pipes.

I made my way down the street. Past a dark alleyway. Past a flickering neon sign for a pub called the Dagon's Armpit.

I knocked on the door. A little hatch opened.

"Yeah?" said a gruff voice.

"Vortog the Merciless sent me," I said.

There was a moment's pause.

The door opened. It was dimly lit inside. Just a few skull lamps providing a low, red glow.

A burly centaur in sunglasses gestured for me to go inside.

Six gnomes sitting around a table, smoking hookahs and laughing. They stopped. One fixed me with a hard stare.

"I ..." I began.

"Shut it," said the Gnome. "What's a monkeyboy like you doin' in my club?"

The Gnome tilted his chin aggressively. "You a cop?"

"I was sent by Vortog ..."

"... the Merciless. Yeah. I got that. In that weren't so, you'd be centaur feed already. This better be good."

I paused and gulped back my fear. "I bring a message from Xeriousghui in the Southlands."

"Ah, of course!" said the chief gnome.

The mood lightened.

"Any postcards?"


"Novelty t-shirts?"


The gnomes seemed sad. A message from Xeriousghui, King od the Unpronouncably Named People of the South and no gifts!

A darkness had truly spread across the land.